Keramat Tanjung Tuan | Guide

On the way from the main gate to the Light-house, there is an entrance on your left to the Keramat. The entrance is about 100m before reaching the Light-house. From the entrance, you will be taking many staircases down the hill until you reach a seaside, where you can find an old MYSTERY WELL nearby, as well as a BIG rock beside the mystery-well. The well is less than 100m from the sea, but the water is fresh and cooling! Since you have fresh water here, it is a nice site for camping.


Vnet Homes near here:

(distance to gate of Tanjung Tuan)

Blue Lagoon Vnet Homes

(walk 6 minutes)

Vnet Home 7051 (Langkawi)

(drive 5 minutes)


The entrance to Keramat

The long staircases

broken bridge in some parts of the route

the seaside at the end of the route

the Mystery Well

the water here is clear and clam

nice beach to relax

nice photo booth