Monkey Bay, Tanjung Tuan | Guide

Monkey Bay is situated at north-west of Tanjung Tuan. There are various route leading to Monkey Bay. The path from the White Cliff to Monkey Bay is the challeging one. It takes another 20 minutes from White Cliff trekking on steep path in order to reach here. Upon reaching the Monkey Bay, you will find that the tough moments worth it all. The water here is crystal clear in the morning. Don't forget to put on your swim suit and take a nice and cooling dip here. Remember you can see the Monkey Bay from the White Cliff? You can do the opposite and see the White Cliff from here.


Vnet Homes near here:

(distance to gate of Tanjung Tuan)

Blue Lagoon Vnet Homes

(walk 6 minutes)

Vnet Home 7051 (Langkawi)

(drive 5 minutes)